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Megan Payne Dorny W.T.A. Ranked Pro-

" John's knowlege of the game is astounding and he taught me the tactical side of the game while identifying my personal strengths and tailoring a successful game style suited to my unique on court abilities. John was a huge support to me throughout my college and professional career helping me reach National Collegiate highs of #58 in Singles and #41 in Doubles and establish myself as a W.T.A. Ranked player as well! "

"Tennis with John is always fun! He has a knack for keeping the lessons challenging while enjoyable. I look forward to playing every week! "


"John is an experienced, expert tennis instructor. He is an amazing communicator and very encouraging."




  • Lisa Salvatierra {Utah} def. #1 Nationally Ranked and N.C.A.A. Singles Champion Lisa Raymond Florida.

  • Megan Payne-Dorny{Utah} def. #2 Ranked Janet Walker {Texas}.

  • Megan Payne-Dorny{Utah} def. #7 Ranked Whitney Laiho [Florida}.

  • Mirja Wallmark {Utah} def.#14 Ranked Divya Merchant {Florida}.

  • Michelle Mras def. #18 Ranked Alison Cooper {U.C.L.A.}.

  • Linda Engblom def. #23 Anoushka Vanexcel {Tulsa}

  • Susie Costa def. #26 Anya Kotchoff {U.S.C.}

  • Megan Payne-Dorny def. #29 Carolign Buis {William and Mary}

  • Anna Svedenhov def. Sofia Zahpo #35 {Pepperdine}.

  • Anna Svedenhov def. Yana Dorodnova #42 {Kansas State}.

  • Megan Payne Dorny def. Angela Lawrence {Pepperdine}.

  • Michelle Mras def. Susanna Lee {B.Y.U.}.

  • Julie Kempin def. Monika Waniek {Oklahoma State}.

  • Megan Payne-Dorny def. Elaine Chiew {B.Y.U.}.

  • Alison Bradford def. Stella Sampras {U.C.L.A.}.

  • Megan Payne Dorny def. N.C.A.A. Finalist #2 Ranked M.C. White {Florida}.



  • Ruth Ann Stevens/Alison Bradford def. #1 Ranked Booth/Waniek {Oklahoma St.}.

  • Michelle Mras/Susie Costa def. #1 Ranked Ceniza/Sampras {U.C.L.A.}.

  • Ruth Ann Stevens/Lisa Salvatierra def. #3 Ranked Mair/Vandermere {William & Mary}.

  • Ruth Ann Stevens/Alison Bradford def. #4 Storto/Brant {San Diego State}.

  • Alison Bradford/Rebecca Smith def. #5 Mckeon/Richards {U.S.D.}

  • Ruth Ann Stevens/Lisa Salvatierra def. #6 Albano/Alley {Cal Berkeley}.

  • Linda Engblom/Angie Olson def. #9 Ranked {Santa Barbara}.

  • Julie Kempin/Ruth Ann Stevens def. #13 Emmons/May U.C.L.A.


  • Matt Shimmel Ranked #35 Nationally Boys 16 #5 Florida Section

  • Zach Ganger Ranked #52 Nationally Boys 18 #4 Florida Section

  • Brandon Hodges top 100 Nationally Boys 12 and 14 

  • Rachel Decker-Sadowski top 100 Nationally Girls 14

  • Katja Decker- Sadowski top 100 Nationally Girls 18 top 10 Florida

  • Brandon Hodges Ranked #1 Intermountain Section Boys 14

  • Brandon Hodges Ranked #1 Intermountain Section Boys 12

  • Brandon Hodges Ranked #1 Intermountain Section Boys 10

  • Chris Reilly Ranked #2 Intermountain Boys 16

  • Ruth Ann-Stevens Ranked #3 Intermountain Girls 18

  • Julie Kempin Ranked #5 Intermountain Girls 18

  • Brian Conner Ranked #6 Intermountain Boys 18

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